RPLIDAR 360° Laser Ranger System

360° Omnidirectional Laser Scan
5-10Hz Adaptive Scan Frequency
2000 Times of Ranging per Second
Range More than 6 Meters
Range less than 0.1% Resolution
FDA Class I Safety

Measuring Standard

Distance Range 0.2~6 m with white object to be reflected in the test
Angular Field of View 0~360°
Resolution Less than 0.5mm or 1% less than 0.5mm when the range is within 1.5m and less than 1% in the whole range
Angular Resolution Less than or equal to 1° when scanning at 5.5Hz
Sampling period Less than 500ns
Sampling frequency Greater than 2000Hz
Scan frequency 1~10Hz, typical value: 5.5Hz when RPLIDAR takes 360 points per scan, scan frequency is the typical value


The resolution of the triangulation measurement system will vary due to the change of measured distance. And the theoretical resoltuion change of RPLIDAR is shown as in the table below:

Optical property

Laser wave length 775~795nm, typical value: 785nm infrared band
Laser instantaneous peak power Min value: TBD, Max value: 5mw: Typical value: 3mw
Pulse width 110 us