General Purpose Robot Platform

Zeus is an extendable General Purpose Robot Platform. With built-in high-performance SLAMWARE auto localization and navigation system, Zeus can work with other applications in varies commercial environments and there is no need to adjust it from outside or set it by programming.

Advertisement broadcasting and guiding customers to specified shops for shopping.

Mobile advertising

Broadcast advertisements and guide customers to specified shops for shopping.

Video meeting

Auto navigate and provide video meeting everywhere


Represent for you in family gathering

Food and beverage delivering

Deliver food and beverage to customers

Walking information desk

Provide information about map, discount, activity, etc.

Private items transfer

Transfer your letters or packages autonomously and privately


Auto mapping, localization and navigation

No human assistance
Multiple routes patrolling mode
Find route and move to the specified place

Auto charging

Available for scheduling charging from outside
Go back to charging dock and charge by itself

Cloud remote management

Based on cloud services
Zeus platform registered for remote management

Third-party application

Open platform for development both in software and hardware
Support for extended hardware
Develop applications on SLAMWARE SDK


Weight: 25kg
Max diameter: 620mm
Height: 720mm
Battery: 24V,60AH
Networking: 802.11 b/g/n,2.4/5GHz
Core: SLAMWARE High-performance localization and navigation system
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • IR cliff sensors
  • Depth camera
  • Ethernet
  • Power supply: 24V,10A
  • Switchs: power switch, reset switch, and etc.