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Medium & Long Range Laser Scanning Ranging LiDAR


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LPX-T1 Overview 

LPX-T1 is the first medium & long range high-performance laser LiDAR developed by SLAMTEC. It has a scanning range of up to 40 metres and scanning angle of up to 270 degrees. With the strong resistence to light up to 80,000 lux and a sampling frequency of up to 60,000 times/second, it can generate real-time point cloud maps, providing accurate environmental perception and navigation capabilities. It is designed specifically for AGV scenarios, but it can also be used in practical applications such as service robots, lightweight autonomous vehicle (parking lot unmanned vehicles) etc. LPX-T1 is an ideal choice for robot localization and mapping.

Product Highlights

AGV Preferred LiDAR

High-precision Scanning

40m Medium and Long Distance Detection Capability

60,000 times/second
High-speed Sampling

80.000LUX Anti-interference ability of Ambient Light

OPTMAG Original Design
5 Year Ultra Long Life OPTMAG Design


Millimeter-level High-precision Scanning Capability

LPX-T1 utilizes advanced DTOF laser ranging technology and SLAMTEC’s high-speed signal solution to provide real-time millimeter-level high-precision distance and location detection. The DTOF technology not only ensures the consistency of ranging resolution, maintaining the accuracy even at longer distances, but also enables LPX-T1 to detect objects with different materials and shapes, including black objects, high-reflective surfaces, and even transparent glass. This allows robots to have accurate environmental perception and localization capabilities, ensuring accurate navigation and obstacle avoidance in complex environments.


40 Meters Medium and Long Distance Detection Capability

LPX-T1 detect within a range of 40 meters reliably, identifying and tracking of targets from afar. It provides robots with a wider perception range and longer response time, enhancing system safety and adaptability. It is suitable for various scenarios such as warehouses, factories, distribution centers, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and office buildings.


270° Wide Range Coverage

LPX-T1 adopts clockwise rotation ranging, which can realize 270-degree laser ranging scanning, so as to obtain the environmental contour. Whether it is a spacious warehouse or a narrow production line, LPX-T1 can accurately detect and generate point cloud maps, providing robots with comprehensive and accurate environmental information.


60,000 times/second High-speed Sampling Capability

LPX-T1 has improved the internal optical design and algorithm system, and has a laser ranging sampling capability of up to 60,000 times per second to meet the needs of high-speed movement. LPX-T1 can update environmental data in real-time, providing support for quick decision-making and adjustments, keeping robots stable and accurate even in fast-moving scenarios.

40Hz 60000 Points


Ultra-fine Object Detection Capability

Small objects detection is one of the critical functions in the AGV scene. LPX-T1 has an angular resolution of up to 0.12°, which can accurately capture and identify subtle object details, ensuring accurate detection of small targets. Whether it is obstacles in the warehouse, narrow passages, or small objects in complex environments, LPX-T1 can achieve efficient detection and identification with excellent accuracy, providing AGV with reliable navigation and obstacle avoidance capabilities.


80,000Lux Anti-interference Ability of Ambient Light

With advanced anti-interference technology, LPX-T1 can effectively deal with the interference of ambient light and sunlight. Whether it is a complex indoor environment or strong outdoor light, it can operate stably and provide reliable environmental awareness.


New OPTMAG Technology  5 Years Long Life

Most conventional non-solid-state LiDARs use slip rings to transmit power and data, but their lifetimes are only a few thousand hours due to mechanical wear and tear. SLAMTEC combines wireless power with optical communication technology to create its own OPTMAG technology, which overcomes the longevity problem of traditional LiDAR systems. Extends service life by repairing electrical connection failures caused by physical wear and tear.

Wireless Power
Optical comm

Easy to develop

Support Various Development Platforms

In order to improve user development efficiency, SLAMTEC has developed the development software RobotStudio. RobotStudio provides users with professional LiDAR debugging tools. At the same time, SLAMTEC also provides users with SDK development kits that can run on x86 windows, x86 Linux, arm Linux and other platforms to match Various development applications.


CLASS 1 Laser Safety Standard

Using a modulated pulse type low-power infrared laser emitting light source, LPX-T1 meets the Class 1 laser safety standard and is safe for human eye.



Width:60mm  Length:73mm  Height:85mm  Weight:264g



The features and performance of the LPX-T1 make it suitable for a variety of application scenarios. It can be widely used in industrial vehicles (AGV), service robots, lightweight autonomous driving (unmanned vehicles in parks) and other fields. Whether it is warehousing logistics, smart manufacturing or autonomous driving systems, LPX-T1 can provide accurate and reliable environment perception and navigation support for different applications.


Product Specifications