Slamware Modular Solution for Auto Localization and Navigation

SLAMWARE is a single modular auto localization and navigation system integrated with SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) technology based on RPLIDAR and matched route planning capability.

The host system can extend the function freely by connecting to the communication interfaces of SLAMWARE to obtain high-accuracy location data of the robot from SDK and map data auto built by SLAMWARE.

Map building
Env. Exploring

High-resolution and Integrated Solution for Indoor Navigation

Intelligent robot with complete
indoor localization and navigation ability

Complete solution for vacuum robot

Cleaning the corner of walls

Planned route

Zone dividing

Auto recharging

Pause and resume

Mobile Apps


Slamware Core Module

Slamware Kit (Development Kit)

Slamware SDP (Software Development Platform)

Slamware SDP Mini


Slamware SDP Mini Firmware 2.5.0_dev.20170718

This firmware doesn't support Slamtec Zeus Robots

Please use "Full System Upgrade" to install this update

Please check user manual for detailed steps to update the firmware


Slamware SDK 2.5.0 dev 20170718 (2017-08-28)

Platform Compiler  
Windows Visual Studio 2010 Download (32bit)
Linux GCC 4.6 x86_64, armv7hf, i386
Linux GCC 4.8 x86_64, armv7hf
iOS XCode Download
Android   Download

Slamware 2.0 Release Note


Tool Platform Architecture  
Slamtec RoboStudio Windows 32bit / 64bit View
Slamware Console Windows 32bit / 64bit Download
Slamware Binary Config Tool Windows 32bit / 64bit Download